P.A. Short Distributing Company and a team of 600+ other privately owned distributors have joined with Anheuser-Busch to become industry leaders in the fight against alcohol abuse.

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P.A. Short Distributing is also a proud supporter and Street Smart presentation host of S.A.F.E. (Stay Alive From Eduction). Their mission is to help young adults learn behaviors that mitigate their death and injury through providing interactive educational opportunities for them that address these behaviors; by influencing educators to integate these educational opportunities into the school curriculum and in school regulations, to communicate to young adults the value society puts on insuring that youn adults practice protective behaviors.

The SAFE program is presented by Firefighter Paramedics who share their real life work experiences. SAFE works to significantly decrease the percentage of death and injury of young adults due to trauma by adelivering to students nationwide field-tested interactive workshop designed for young adults, and  insuring that school leadership play their part as public servants in insuring the practice of protective behaviors in young adults.