P. A. Short Distributing Co. - Roanoke, Virginia The premiere beverage distributor for Roanoke and surrounding counties. P. A. Short Distributing Co., 440 Industrial Drive, Hollins, VA | 540-992-5000
The premiere beverage distributor for Roanoke and surrounding counties.
Geloso Beverages: ClubTails, O'Sullivan's, Johny Bootlegger, DJ Trotter's
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Clubtails - Screw Driver, Sex on the Beach, Long Island Iced Tea, Bahama Mama Available in Screw Driver, Long Island Iced Tea, Bahama Mama, and Sex on the Beach flavors, Clubtails is the answer to the question, "what else besides beer?".

Refreshing taste, portability and consumer appeal are served from the cooler with distinction and authentic flavor. Easily chilled and ready to enjoy right out of the can, Clubtails are welcome where glass is not. 10% ABV.

Johny Bootlegger

Johny Bootlegger
is a flavorful, spirited new line of adult beverages at 12% alcohol by volume. There are five great flavors to choose from:

Alcatraz Sour Apple
Sing Sing Sour Grape
Machine Gun Melon
Cicero Bloody Bloody Orange
Syndicate City Sour Peach
Scarface Sour Raspberry

O'Sullivans Mudslide
O'Sullivans B52

O'Sullivans is a creamy innovation recently introduced to the malt beverage category. Available in B-52 and Mudslide, these ready-to-drink cocktails are a sure hit, with all the creamy goodness and flavor expected in a traditional spirit-based product. At half the calories of the other cream drinks, this line represents an opportunity for big profits. It is shelf-stable for one year and is tasty over ice, mixed with coffee or cocoa, and delicious in a blender with ice cream. 12% ABV.
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